Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas -

This Christmas seemed different. It was a year of change due to the economic drama that surrounds all plumbers, so we set out to be smart (something that doesn't always come easy to us)! I need to apologize to all of you who were sitting on your front porch waiting for our annual delivery of Krispy Kremes on Christmas Eve and for those of you who are still checking your mailboxes for our Christmas cards ... not this year. We didn't do any gifts for my parents or siblings (it was a unanimous decision made easily by all involved). Gary and I bought absolutely nothing for each other and we bought very practical presents for the kids. So why does it seem like it was the


It all began last night at Grandpa Vince's house. We walked across the street to enjoy a delicious dinner that was almost a perfect replica of Thanksgiving and exchange laughter & gifts. I still can't get enough of that "Chex Mix Heaven in a Bowl"! Then we stuck to our favorite traditions. Christmas Eve the kids were actually excited to open their very predictable Christmas Eve presents from us ... pajamas, undies and socks.

This morning, after a sleepless night for Garrison who woke up at 1:00, 2:00 and finally 5:00 a.m., we opened our "smart gifts" like;

Matty - a repaired guitar
Kacey - new tires for her car
Keaton - a big boy bed
Jake - a large hymn book and a metronome
Garrison - new shoes

They got some fun things too, and they were all extremely grateful for everything they received.

We then headed over to my Grandma's house for our annual Christmas breakfast of pancakes, sausage, breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs and juice prepared especially for us by my parents. This year was a treat because we had some of our Utah family here too. Hopefully they'll entertain the thought of making this their new tradition!

Following the feast, the infamous White Elephant Game. I cracked myself up with a beautifully wrapped, framed photo of Obama! Ha!

Following Grandma's house, the most amazing nap that I've had in years!

And now, it's raining. Gary is in the kitchen making his homemade chips and bacon ... perfect combination for the arteries. Matthew is playing his guitar and singing ... and it's raining!

I suppose that most of the world wishes for a white Christmas, but for me, this would seriously put a damper on my day. I do not like to be cold, and snow is cold. However, rain, aaaaaaahhhh rain. Rain smells amazing, it relaxes me, it creates the perfect mood for a nap and it makes my town beautiful. It has been the perfect day.

So I'd like to offer a toast to this economy. Thanks for beckoning me to be smart. Thanks for putting things into perspective. And thanks for inadvertently creating the best Christmas ever.

And all thanks be to that baby Jesus who became our Saviour and the light that we will need more and more in the days to come. What a gift that we have all been given!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Love, The Shakers

There's your card!


Malissa said...

I love it!! And I couldn't agree with you more on everything!! I want some of Gary's chips and bacon...yum!

Melissa said...

What a cute family! I am glad that you had a wonderful day. Merry Christmas!

Kacey's View said...

Twas it twas. Thanks for everything. You forgot to mention the awesome present that your favorite daughter got you and dad though! Helloooo that's what made it the best! haha

Gail said...

I'm glad you had such a good day! I wish we could have gotten together today, but maybe next year:). I completely agree on the rain and the nap. I couldn't survive w/o my Christmas nap:). Merry Christmas back at you!

Anne-Marie said...

It was fun! Thanks for the Obama pic and frame! :)