Friday, November 14, 2008

Hypocrisy -

Oh boy here goes. Lately I've been reading & commenting on blogs that have gone ugly. I don't want my blog to be ugly, but I do have some things to say.

Recently, Arizona and California had the opportunity to cast a vote that would define marriage as one man and one woman. During the pre-election process, common forms of civil advertising and motivation were used (such as commercials and signs). The elections were then held and the votes were counted. Both states found that the majority thought it best to claim this definition as their own.

Since the outcome of these propositions, I have been left to wonder and worry about the activity that is now taking place. Apparently, the Mormons are being chosen to blame for the majority of two states' ballots. Apparently, the Mormons have single-handedly turned entire states thought processes upside down.

And apparently, violent protests are going to solve everything. This picture was taken outside the gates of the Los Angeles Mormon Temple. Riots got so out of hand that the temple actually had to be shut down for safety reasons. This wasn't a calm forum and people were arrested once physical altercations began.

So here's my question. Isn't THIS a hate crime? For years I've been so sick of hearing that if a Muslim was punched, or a Mexican shot at, or a Jew spat upon ... it was a hate crime. It appeared that unless two people of the same sex, same color and same height were beating on each other ... it had to be labeled a hate crime. Well, here we have an angry mob, surrounding an exclusively Mormon place of worship with nothing but hate spewing from their mouths and eventually from their fists ... yet this has not been deemed as a hate crime?

I find it very curious that the same people who spoke of "just wanting to LOVE" are the same people heading up this HATE. I find it very curious that they have chosen to single out Mormons, when clearly we are a small portion of the population between these two states. And I find it extremely curious that this, in this day and age, when it is hard to get away with any kind of racism or bigotry without repercussion is running amok.

I don't suppose anybody is truly surprised by what is taking place, but I do suppose we had better stand up for what we believe ... long after the votes have been cast.

I would invite you all to read THIS article from a Catholic Bishop.


Tina said...

Well done. I, too, have been having these exact feelings. I do not understand why it is that the Mormons are being blamed for their unhappiness when we are such a small percentage of the people who voted for Prop 102 in Arizona and Prop 8 in California. There were far more non-memebers who voted for it than members. Yes, we spoke our intentions and desires, but there were many, many others who did likewise. This behavior is far from a loving, caring, tolerant thing. Apparently only their issues need to be tolerated & accepted in a peaceful, loving way. Only their views, lifestyles and opinions are to be heard. I just don't understand... actually, I do understand, but I'm not going there here. Thanks for speaking your mind. xox

twin2trip said...

Thanks for posting. This situation has been occupying many of my thoughts as of late. I used to go to both the Oakland and LA Temple when I lived in CA and can't believe many of the stories of happenings that I have heard of. Also the media is killing me...they didn't choose to show the actual acts of protesters provoking the Polynesian men guarding the LA Temple but instead just showed these guards getting mad and using very foul language. Very unfortunate. Some of our family friends have said they've never wanted to leave Cali. until now. Anyway don't get me started!

amy.legler said...

I agree with you 100%! I was just thinking of that article when I started reading your post. Thank you for posting that article, its fantastic isn't it!! It's so sad that they had to actually SHUT DOWN the temple for safety reasons!

Cyn said...

What the people in California seem to forget is that it's been passed not once, but twice! But this time, let's blame the Mormons. What about our rights? Anyway, you always say things better than I ever can. Thank you!!!

Gail said...

Amen to the Catholic Bishop and good for him!
( I stood on my own soapbox on my blog for Veteran's day...I feel your pain sistah:)

Do you seriously have your Christmas stuff up??
Over-Achiever:)! It was fun seeing you in person today:).

Chris Shill said...

well said well put, Amen.. getting real tired of it all...

melmck said...

amen. thanks for getting it out there!

The McKinnon 4 said...

Hey I was wondering if you could help me out. I am trying to update my Christmas card list and I know that Julie has moved since last Christmas. Could you email me her address (and any other siblings that have moved in the past year.) I will email Robbie & Melanie and get theirs. Thanks for your help!