Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm confused. I'm concerned. I hope he has what it takes.

I keep hearing that we have come so far. So why do I feel like we just took a unified plunge into a septic tank?


Tina said...

I, too, am confused and concerned. My prayer now is that so many of us are wrong... that we are NOT heading in a scary direction with Mr. Obama. My advice is to hold your breath and paddle like crazy!!! At least we got the YES for MARRIAGE!!! Our families and future in that area are protected... at least for a while. And don't forget... Maricopa County DID keep Sheriff Joe! Yahoo!

Brandi said...

As concerned and worried as I am about the future of this country with such an inexperienced leader, I have to admit that I did choke up when I saw him with his wife and daughters in light of what an accomplishment it must feel like for their whole family. That said, I am holding my breath and my nose as I prepare to swirl down the septic tank with you!

The McKinnon 4 said...

You read my thoughts. I am now considering moving to Canada. =)

Anonymous said...

I, too, am concerned about our country, but I think we all need to think about how the entire country--not just one man--has the power and resources to do so. And I think it has to start with an attitude of civility, humility, and community.

I'm sorry you all feel this way about Obama. Growing up in an LDS home, I know the rhetoric and purpose of the values espoused herein. I did, however, vote no on prop 102, just like I vote no on props related to illegal immigration. Why are we excluding and punishing the very people we have in our lives? What are we so afraid of?

Despite our differences, I encourage everyone to perhaps expose themselves to others and to continually question what you believe. You may surprise yourself.


Anonymous said...
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Karen said...

Hi Chareena -

Here is my contribution to civility, humility and community. First of all, thanks for your comments and your challenge to encourage people to be more exposed to diversity and to question what we believe.

Now let me respond. First of all, growing up in an LDS home, you might know why the topic of marriage is so important to me. However, not to brag or anything, but my following consists of many other religions. Gary's family are all of other denominations and many of my friends are from different parts of our country and are not of my religion.

Secondly, I am exposed to quite a variety of people. I know gay people, and I love them. I have talked at length to one of them in particular regarding Prop. 102 and we just agreed to disagree.

The fact of the matter is, that I don't think Obama has NEARLY the experience that McCain has. I think he talks a good talk and I hope that he will now walk a good walk.

And finally, the greatest part about my whole life is that I don't have to question what I believe ... that's how much I believe it. I know that marriage is ordained of God between one man and one woman and if that's what I know ... then I had better stand up for it. Otherwise, I would be confused with someone who had no fears. What am I afraid of? I guess I'm afraid of people who think that any kind of change is a good thing, no matter the cost.

And I voted against the illegal immigration props also.

I like to think of myself as a diversified & very hip white girl. Please don't put me into a box that I never crawled into.

Now let's just all go make some Won Tons!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

I admire your strong faith and think it's great that you feel you don't need to question your beliefs.

I suppose being in graduate school has changed me, the way I think, and the people I care about.

I never meant to put you in a box. I read A LOT of blogs and I was just so frustrated by the negativity and dismal attitudes of those I read. We all need to work for change and that can't happen if we're stuck in a state of anger and resentment. I used your blog as a soapbox, really, and just picked on a few comments that had been previously posted.

I pride myself in being educated and understanding, and I try really hard to be really moderate and even-keeled. I'm just glad you appreciated my comments. I enjoy reading your blog.

Some might say I even stalk you.

Yes, wontons for everyone! Maybe THAT'S the solution to our woes in this country. And to think it was right in front of our faces.


Gail:) said...

I love a little blog controversy:). I'm with you Karen, well said!

Brandi said...

I am desperately hoping that Barack's goal in providing change for this country might start AFTER he finishes appointing all the "good old boys" from the Clinton administration. That's certainly not the "change" I was expecting! I hope that I am pleasantly surprised by it all! Although I do not agree with the majority of his policies, he is our leader and I will stand behind him and continue to make my own changes in this world!