Monday, June 30, 2008

She's back!

Dear Kacey,

Thank you for coming home! Thank you for not choosing the three meals a day that Juana Mama prepared and served to you over my three meals a month that I make you plate yourself. Thank you for choosing a house full of boys over a house full of those sisters you never had. Thank you for choosing to come back to bad English rather than staying there to perfect your Spanish. Thank you for coming back to the whitest legs this side of our world, even after you saw what beautiful dark skin looks like. Thank you for showing us how excited you were to come home, and helping us remember how good it is to stay here. We missed you!

Welcome Home!

Love, Mom


Gail:) said...

How long was she gone Karen? Was it for school or just fun? (Chelsea went to Mexico for a Spanish immersion program a last year.) Looks like she's glad to be home. I'm sure you are!

Mrs. Bennett said...

I want to hear all the details of her trip! I hope she LOVED it.

Staci Lynn said...


Gail:) said...

Chelsea went w/o knowing a soul too. This things are good for them but hard on us.But it can't be as hard as sending a missionary out, huh? (And you will be an expert by the time they all grow up!)