Friday, June 6, 2008

Little boy -

My sister and her little boy are staying with us for awhile. Here is an example of the innocence that he has brought into our home.

The other day, he got a bit of a tummy ache. This was after eating quite a few peanuts throughout the day ... not sure if this was the reason for the tummy ache or not. Anyway, he ended up throwing up and after the episode, as most boys do, he began to describe the event.

"Mom, I threw up my nuts!"

Hysterical laughter broke out ... and I'm still giggling.


Tina said...

Oh, that's funny! Did he wonder what everyone was laughing at?! Great picture!

Chris Shill said...

That's to funny!! cute kid though..

Anonymous said...

Love that boy, he is such a joy. Very funny story. C. Shaker