Saturday, January 26, 2008

Phone Call From Husband ...

Gary: "Hey, you know Deal or No Deal?"
Me: "The TV Show?"
Gary: "Ya! I'm standing here with one of the models (long silence), Claudia (long silence). She's model #1."

Longer silence, while I'm trying to remember which one #1 is and then remembering that it doesn't matter since all of them have legs longer than my entire being AND WHY IS MY HUSBAND HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH HER?

Let me insert picture to remind us all -

Gary: "Hey what's the name of our alarm company and can you get the phone number for her?"
Me: "Um, no. She can look it up just as easily as I can."

I thought I was number one???


Chris Shill said...

i have to agree with ya, she eyes and hands to see and open up a book for herself!!! what a go Karen

Cyn said...

Obviously he was a lot more impressed by meeting her than you were! You made me laugh out loud...really loud! And exactly how did he meet her anyway?! What's the story?

Karen said...

It was a plumbing service call. He had to hook up her new gas stove, which is fine, that's our job. Alarm Companies, however, are not. Superman needs to have some boundaries!

onehm said...

And I have to say that I could actually hear you speaking....

...and you were echoing exactly what I would have said!

You go, girl!!

Tina McKinnon said...


melmck said...

gary has the most random and crazy things happen to him! this sounds just like a Gary Moment. you handled it perfectly.

if she can carry a breifcase, she can look through the yellow pages.