Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mourning -

If I weren't already married to (and madly in love with) Gary, and if Heath would have asked me to marry him, I would have thought very, very hard about it.

I really, really, really, really, liked Heath Ledger.
It began for me with "Ten Things I Hate About You",

then our relationship strengthened as he proclaimed "I'm not a child!" in "The Patriot".

I was absolutely smitten with "The Four Feathers",

but the one movie that will remain in my DVD collection, on my DVR and engraved in my heart is "A Knight's Tale".

I've watched it more times than any other movie thus far ... ever.

I am very sad right now and I choose to believe that his death was a tragic accident.


melmck said...

this makes me so sad, too. to think that he might have been suffering this horrible depression with alcohol only making it worse. it just always makes me sad when someone gives in to the temptation of suicide. i hope it doesn't turn out to be suicide, but i'm still sad he suffered so much.

Malissa said...

Only time will tell...sad story...

brandi said...

YOu have inspired me to watch some of those flicks.....if karen likes them, they must be worthy. so sad to lose such a cutie patootie.

The McKinnon 4 said...

Wasnt he a HOTTIE!!! I love Patriot and A Nights Tale. I was blown away to hear that he died!

Chris Shill said...

Now that you have listed all the movies he was in i know who he is!!! i am so dumb when it comes to names and faces!!! Boyd would know though he's the movie buff in our family...you know if you get too upset and desperate their is always cosmetic surgery for Gary!!!lol

Anonymous said...

hey you're forgetting one movie he was in. Don't you remember brokeback mountain?? he kissed a guy...... yep gross

Karen said...

Wow I have an anonymous racist on my blog! I truly have arrived! ha ha

I was just waiting for someone to bring up his highly acclaimed performance! All I have to say about it (because you knew I'd say something) is that it just shows what a talented actor he was. It's no different than him acting like he was in love with all of those beautiful leading ladies in his numerous films, and all the while he was really thinking of me. Now there's some great acting.

I miss Heath.