Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Post Office -

Standing in line at the Post Office today, I became irritated. I'm not sure why I was so easily irritated, but I'm a woman with a hormone patch which may or may not always keep me level and I reserve the right to accept what I'm feeling. I was irritatted!

First of all, with the constant hike of stamp prices, why can't we get more than one representative working the counter? It was a great idea to construct seven different register spots to occupy seven different employees, but apparently it was a waste of our .41 cents a stamp.

So as about twenty of us stood in line waiting for our turn with the lone man in blue, I couldn't help but hear the conversation taking place next to me as I tried really hard to speed up the line with my telepathic powers and my stinky attitude.

Two older ladies, one from Wisconsin and one from Michigan, became immediate friends as they lamented about the weather outside. "Oh I'm so sick of this hot weather! I just can't stand it anymore!" The conversation continued and eventually took a detour as they discussed their illnesses.

Now lets all understand something. The high today will be about 89 degrees and the low 59. So I say now, what I chose not to say at the USPS ... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is perfect weather! I realize that it is much cooler in other places around the country, but this ... is the Valley of the SUN ... not cheese (get it? Wisconsin). There are a million reasons that I love living here, but that's not what this is about. Here's the deal. Every winter, we are smothered by little old men and little old ladies from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. who all come here to escape winters from hell.

They come here because they can't stand the cold. Then they arrive here and nearly kill us all by turning left from the far right lane in their Buicks ... and they complain about our weather?

I wish that I had the nerve to politely ask them to return to where they came from every time this happens.

Maybe I'm just jealous that I can't go live in Oregon every summer.


Cordova Family said...

I'm a little jealous I can't live in Oregon in the summer too.

melmck said...

i didn't know they complained. that makes me even more upset about dealing with their driving. why not just stay inside like the rest of us that as sick of the heat? lame.

kacey said...

It should not be in the 90's in november. Im going to NY and never coming back

Karen said...

I'll come visit you during the Spring!