Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to my man -

Forty-four years ago, my man was born! The mold was definitely broken shortly thereafter. Although he would never comment on any blog of any kind, I happen to know that he does read this one. So ... Happy Birthday honey!

I also happen to know that there are lots of people out there with fun stories involving Gary. Feel free to share your favorites for this occasion!

OK, I'll start! It was our first date, when he told me that he had found the girl he wanted to marry. Yes, I said first date! Definitely one of my favorite stories and favorite events.

Now you go -


KACEY said...

Where oh where do I begin? putting "my phone pays for you phone", and "how often did you talk to your aunt" beside, I would have to say my favorite memory with Dad would have to be when he used duct tape for stitches. We all went camping and quad riding for Thanksgiving weekend. Not too long after we got there, me and Matt flipped our quad and I busted open my elbow pretty bad. Knowing I needed stitches but not wanting to leave, good ol' Dad improvised. Using his teenage years in Arkansas and plumbing skills, he cleaned my arm and wrapped it up with paper towels and duct tape. I now have a good 2" scar down my arm that continues to fade through the years, yet my memory of my dad taking care of his little girl the best he knew how lives on forever. haha that was deep!

melmck said...

my favorite gary story is when i first met you all and i was sleeping on the couch. at 3 AM he came into the kitchen and prepared for work. i thought he was crazy. i peeked my head up and he said sorry for waking me up and immediatly sent me in to sleep with you, karen, on the bed i will be jealous of the rest of my life. that was the best sleep i've ever had. like sleeping on a cloud. *sigh* thanks for the memories! happy bday gary! (p.s. i also love the way gary tells stories. he gets the prize!)

Anonymous said...

Gary's Dad
How prowd and happy I have been to have a son like Gary. Not only are we father and son but also best friends. Gary being Gary has created thru the years many favorite stories some of which cannot be put into print as it would cause the bishop to pass out. One of my favorite's reflects on Gary's always waiting until the bewitching hour to get something done. It was Valentine's day and at the last moment Gary raced out to get Karen a card. Unfortunatly all cards were sold except one that was To My Sister. As Kacey has pointed out, Gary being a plumber and from Arkansas improvised by crossing out sister and adding in wife.

Anonymous said...

God has blessed me with a one of a kind son, Gary. Like Karen said, the mold was broken after he was born. You couldn't ask for a more loving and considerate, caring person then our Gary. Anytime his dad or I need advise or a shoulder to lean on, Gary is always there. He has been our (my) rock, many times. Even tho I didn't give birth to him, he couldn't be more of a son to me. He means as much to me as my own. Thank you Lord, I love that boy. Happy birthday son and many, many more.
Mom Shaker

Anonymous said...

Karen, this is something. Like father like son, The first time I met Vince was when he asked me to dance ( we were both at a singles dance in Scottsdale). During our first slow dance he said "I'm going to marry you", I said "oh really" and he said "mark my words, I'm going to marry you". I guess these Shaker men know at first sight who they want for a partner and they swoop you off your feet. Just think, you have 4 Shaker boys/ men in the making. It's going to be fun to see if they follow in their dads and papa's foot steps.
Mom Shaker

KACEY said...


Cyn said...

Happy Birthday, Gary! Now you're as old as I am! But you'll never be as old as Clark! :)