Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No TV Week -

Saturday night, Gary was having a chat with two of Kacey's boyfriends (boys who are friends) that were at our house. Gary learned that one of the boys' family rule is no TV during the week. For some reason, this lit a fire under Gary and he announced his fantastic idea the following morning ...
One week of NO TV!

Now let me explain something. Our TV is NEVER OFF! Some people prefer the sound of oceanic waves crashing on the beach or a strong breeze whipping in the wind as their "white noise". We ... just listen to whatever is on the ole' telly. And the biggest addict is ... Gary!

To Gary, the TV is a distraction. It helps him turn his mind off of the events of the day. It does such a fine job, that he can't fall asleep without it. So my first thought was "ya right." But I thought it was a fun idea and I would be completely supportive of this goal.

Jake and Garrison barely gave this challenge a second thought. It wasn't their favorite idea, but they would survive. Kacey and Keaton on the other hand, immediately collapsed at the thought of it all and exclaimed that they would surely not survive this ordeal.

Well, this was Sunday morning and it is now Tuesday evening! Our house has been so peaceful and although I don't expect the kids to admit it ... they're having fun.

Here are some highlights of our first day without TV ... shortly after the shock wore off.

Now here's the question. Is it "bad" that we've replaced TV with Poker?


Anonymous said...

I suppose it depends on if you're betting anything... :)


P.S. Wontons for Christmas?

Tina McKinnon said...

Wontons!!! But of course! Yahoo!!!

Looks like great fun... I'd be ok with it if no one took my computer!


Karen said...

Well Hello Chareena!

Heck yes wontons for Christmas ... or my birthday ... or on Friday's!

And No, they're just playing for points, no gambling.

Michelle said...

I'm impressed with the no TV thing. I get so sick of TV, but can't bring myself to turn the stupid thing off. Maybe we should try it sometime. :)

Cordova Family said...

I love the No tv rule!! I went as far as canceling cable, and let me tell you...greatest thing ever done!! My kids were addicted to Disney!! Our house has been much more peaceful, and they actually think to go outside and play!! I love it! And I think any family game is ok....as long as you're togehter as a family and there is no betting. lol You guys are SO fun!!

The McKinnon 4 said...

I am so glad to hear that our tv is not the only one that is on ALL day reguardless if anyone is watching or not. As much as I think that is an awsome idea, I KNOW we would not survive the challenge. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try.

melmck said...

DOES KEATON HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?! If so, you call me and tell me all about it. and i say as long as you are playing with mini snickers instead of money, poker is great.

Anonymous said...

I'm done taking my finals and giving the kiddos finals on the 12th...I'll talk to Julie (unless you do first) and maybe plan on something Friday, the 14th? Want me to just bring them over, or make it a cooking day at your house?

Karen said...

I really would love to learn the art of the wonton. Just let me know what I need to do!

Mel - NO Keaton does NOT have a girlfriend ... at least not one that's in these pictures. This is just a family in our ward that came over.