Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Story ...

Tomorrow is one month from the day Victor died. So I'll finally finish with my favorite stories from this experience. On the second evening that Gary was visiting with Victor's family, they began asking questions about the church. Gary spoke to them through his interpretor and then he asked them if they had ever seen the missionaries. They said "No" and within three minutes ... up came a red headed Elder from Idaho and his Latin companion that just happened to be walking right by their home. Before Gary flew out on Sunday, they met the missionaries at the LDS church building, which happened to have 20 foot walls surrounding it to protect it. Since that day they have begun the discussions with these Elders.

Gary was able to go "sight seeing" one of his five days there and they went to see the ancient Aztec pyramids. As they climbed to the top, he met these two nuns and couldn't pass up the photo opportunity.
This is Jergen, Victor's nine-year-old son. On the evening before they left, Gary asked the family if they needed anything ... anything at all. Jergen's fifteen-year-old sister Carla looked at Gary and said "My brother needs shoes". Gary put the family into a cab and took them shoe shopping. They are so grateful for all the things that we take for granted.
This is just part of the family that Gary has grown to love. He will continue to keep in touch with them and take care of them for Victor. Today, Gary was asked to speak in church on this experience and he did a great job. What a month!

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Tina McKinnon said...

Great pictures! The little boy is so cute. and the nuns... nunish! Can't imagine keeping those white habits clean in that place! Thanks for the stories... keep 'em coming!