Sunday, July 22, 2007

California or BUST!

I love this picture because it symbolizes our family ... a whole bunch of cousins ... all in Arizona! We are lucky to have such a large family and to be so close to each other. This week we are embarking on a new adventure. We are traveling from the sand in the desert to the sand on the beach! All of us (except Robby & Melanie ... due to baby Gus) are leaving for our first ever "Kristi's Trip". We're calling ourselves Kristi's Krew and we are going to be having fun at Sea World as we focus on that which was the most important thing to Kristi ... family. Kristi loved her nieces and nephews like no other and I'm sure she is smiling right now at the prospect of giving them some very happy memories - even in her absence. I miss Kristi very much and it gives me great comfort as we do things in her honor. California and cousins ... here we come!


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Cordova Family said...

You guys are so great...that is one handsome group of boys!!

Tell Gary that the mexican (Tonio) says Hi, and he didn't do it!!