Wednesday, July 18, 2007


At ten o' clock last night, my friend, Anna Marie, called to see if I wanted to drive up to Heber! In fifteen minutes we were on the road. We just went for the night, but I got to spend the morning at one of my favorite places in the world ... Toro Camp! This has been a tough year, but the boys are hanging in there and getting ready for a great year of a great sport.

PULLING THE "SLED"!One of the strengthening exercises they were doing was pulling this thing they call a sled.
First they put on the flat tire, which is attached to about a gazillion pounds!

Then they run like oxen! They run from one end of the field ...

to the other ... and then they do it again, and again, etc., etc.

Then they take that dang tire off!

I love this boy... and I love this season! Go Keaton and go Toros!


kacey said...

aw wittle keater is all grown up :D i wasnt supposed to say anything but he called and said he only misses me

melmck said...

i can't believe how old keaton looks! i mean, i've only been in this family 2 1/2 years, but he's lookin like a grown up! i wish i had a day or two to come up and watch. i also wish we were going to san diego. i'm hankerin for some football!