Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mooney Boy's First Trophies!

It seems like years since my boys were in T-Ball, but this week I got to pretend I was there again. Mac & Julie had a committment to attend a wedding on the same night that Chet and Nic were to receive their very first trophies marking the end of a successful season. So it was Aunt Awesome Karen to the rescue! Mac loaded my car up with carseats (because I simply hate that part) and we were off to the baseball diamond for the thrilling awards ceremony. Here they are (the Tigers) marching onto the field as they heard their names announced over the microphone!

... and here they are with trophies in hand as they proudly walk off, Chet sneaking me a glance.

Boston was a bit bored during the reading of all the names ... many, many names - but it was nothing a sucker wouldn't take care of!

He loved his sucker!

Chet and Nic ... pleased with their season and their trophies.

You have to love this age of "athletics". No competition and no expectations except some good ole' fun ... and it was! Congratulations boys!


Tina McKinnon said...

Oh what fun! Too bad Julie and Mac had to miss that. They are so cute. Good thing Aunt Karen came to the rescue! Thanks for sharing this with us.

melmck said...

LOVE those Mooney boys (and girl)!