Friday, June 1, 2007

Modern Miracles!

I would like to talk today about modern conveniences. We live in the most incredible time period ever! For instance, what I'm doing right now. I'm sitting here tapping on cubes with letters on them, the letters are appearing on a screen before me, my words are about to be posted for all to see and I didn't even get up! In order for me to even be able to see this screen that I am typing onto, and really function at all, I place a simple pair of comfortable glasses on my nose which instantly cure my poor eyesight. Or if I choose, I can dab a small soft flimsy little circle directly onto my eyeball and again be given the blessing of good vision without wearing the glasses at all. Who thinks of these things?! Oh, I'm getting a little warm, so I'm going to just flip a switch on our wall, which begins the rotation of a fan over my head and immediately begins to cool me off. While I'm sitting here, my laundry is being washed and dried for me in the other room. I load the clothes, pour in some soap and push a few buttons instructing the machines how I would like my fabrics cleaned and cared for ... then I walk away. Our lives truly are blessed by these modern day conveniences. They're miraculous!

Right now I'd like to show you a picture of one of my most favorite miracles. It's called the Vivelle dot.

A few years ago, I had to have a hysterectomy (a miracle in and of itself). I had a complete hysterectomy losing my ovaries and every other female organ that I wasn't using anymore. It was necessary and I welcomed the decision my doctor made. However, as I lost these parts, I was placed into surgical menopause bringing on a new list of concerns. Now I am receiving no estrogen which creates some of the most crazy things a woman can experience. The thinning of bones or Osteoporosis, mood swings, hot flashes (which I've learned do not respond at all to the ceiling fan), did I mention mood swings? Anyway, a multitude of things were placed on my plate as soon as the ovaries were removed from it. However! Thanks to this little ... and I mean little! Vivelle dot hormone patch - I'm completely normal! Well, I'm as normal as I was before the hysterectomy. I place this little patch on my tummy, I change it twice a week and that's it. I think of the poor women of years ago who, first of all, didn't even have the option of a hysterectomy and suffered for years with their diseases of womanhood. Then, once the surgeries were performed they had the mood swinging hot flashes under those long dresses! This is my little miracle.

We truly live in the most incredible time period ever. The conveniences and literal luxuries that we have are endless. I know that I was placed here on earth now because I wouldn't have handled the historic hardships very well ... at all. I'm grateful for everything I have and I'm grateful to all those who came before us that devoted their genius to our future. Now I'm going to go stick last night's dinner into a little box over my stove, push a few buttons and enjoy a nice hot meal. Life is good. What are your favorite miracles?


Tina McKinnon said...

What a great post! Love it... I'll have to think about my favorites and get back to you!

Cousin Aunt C said...

I am so happy you recognize where all of these miracles come from, also thanks for acknowledging those that came before you. I guess that's me! J/K I enjoy your posts and would like to put in my 2 cents about Barry. I loved him first! Hope my girls see your blog on the skin cancer as they go and tan! Looks like life is going well for you and yours.
Love, Cousin Aunt C

Karen said...

OK Carol's girls ... don't go tan! A guy in my ward just died from Melanoma, Kristi's friend came very close and Timmy has a scar all the way across his chest from it. You don't mess around with those UV rays!

Anonymous said...

My mom (Carol) is right ... she loved Barry first! I remember listening to it when I was little ... and I still don't like him :P


Karen said...

That's ok ... just don't tan!

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