Monday, December 5, 2011


Lately I've been having twinges.  

[twinj] a mental or emotional pang:  a twinge of guilt; twinges of sorrow.

I've heard that lots of people have twinges around the holidays, but that's not it.  It has nothing to do with Christmas or the new year, rather everything that is consuming my next few months.

Maybe you've heard, but I'm going to be a Grandma ... to a grandson.  Absolutely amazing.

The moment that I heard of this little man, I squealed.  I ran through the house squealing.  And then I squealed some more.  I don't ever remember feeling more excited ... maybe equally as ... but never more.

After my squealing was done, my first twinge came.  I wanted to call my sister.  I wanted to tell Kristi that I was going to have a grandson.  She would have run right out and bought him his first pair of Converse.  And she would have listened to me squeal some more over lunch.

She loved her nephews like no other Aunt could ... and this would be her first great-nephew.  Twinge.

A few minutes ago, the little mama of this grandson-to-be sent me this picture ...

Another twinge.

Kristi was all about education.  It was so important to her, that she made sure to leave behind an opportunity for a Bachelor's Degree to each of her nieces & nephews.  This will be the first success story due in large part to her generosity.  Big twinge.

I'm so blessed.  Blessed to have a grandson on the way.  Blessed to have a daughter who emulates fantasticness with every fiber of her being.  And blessed to have a sister who sends me twinges from the other side.

Big twinge.


Diane said...

Oh do I relate to the twinges, happens to me too. Kristi is squealing herself and proud!

Lindsee said...

I love this post. And congrats on becoming a Grandma! I hear it's the best :)

Mrs. Bennett said...

We all miss Kristi. Aren't sisters the best(most of the time)? You have such a great one, cheering you on from above! Congrats on all your adventures, grandma!