Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My happy place ~

Toro Camp was calling me ... and I just couldn't stay away.  I was able to go watch Keaton shed his blood, sweat and tears more sweat every year for four years.  I was able to watch him form bonds of friendship that still carry on and support each other, even as they are spread out onto different continents.

There is something about football camp that completely fills my whole soul.  There is something about watching your offspring push themselves (even when they're the smallest little guy on the team) toward seeing how far their healthy bodies will allow them to go, and then being able to watch them as they see their own accomplishments and are a bit astonished at the goals that are met.

There is something about watching them respond to a staff of coaches who can demand much more than their mothers ever could.

There is something about the crisp air that we get to escape to, and those summer evenings that even require us to wrap up in quilts as we watch our boys on the field under the bold, bright lights.  It's my happy place ... and I've never seen Garrison happier as he followed in Keaton's footsteps.

Until the very last night ... when he broke his wrist.

Dang football.  Why do we love you so? 

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Tina McKinnon said...

I've never understood football... with the sweat, hard work (called play) and broken things! Sorry G.