Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm in big trouble ...

It has recently come to my attention that my boys read my blog.  Who knew?!  It was also brought to my attention, that I mentioned every other child's birthday this year ... except for my baby.

That's right.  On July 9th, my baby turned 14! 
You know what that makes me? 
Yep, super old.

I remember his day of birth all too well.  I was 6 hours into some pretty intense labor, and I hadn't asked for an epidural yet.   My Grandpa McKinnon was there with me and Gary, and he was rubbing my back as I sat on a big bouncy ball at the foot of my bed.  Best Grandpa in the whole darn world.  I was feeling braver than I had the first four times and I was proud of my pain tolerance.  Shortly after this sensation of pride, I was whisked away, prepped for surgery, and experienced my one and only C-section.  Garrison was trying to come out butt first ... it wasn't working.  I have a picture of the doctor grabbing his two little feet out of my stomach.  If you'd like to see it, raise your hand.  Gary had no problem watching and taking pictures of the devastation of my tummy.   

Anyway, the rest is now 14 years of history.  I was in love with this little guy and his amazing head of hair the moment I laid eyes on him.  The red hair runs deep in my family, and belongs to some pretty special people ... Garrison included.   I was so happy to finish off our little family with this freckle faced kid. 

It's not that I forgot his birthday, oh no.  I just haven't been much into blogging lately.  Making music videos?  Yes.  But blogging?  Eh.  We had a splendid time as a family at Jump Street.  In theory, this place is as fantastic as it gets ... if you're a kid with a healthy bladder.  It's wall-to-wall trampolines that line the walls and the floor.  You can hop, hop, hop and twirl all night long ... if you have a healthy bladder.

I hop, hop, hopped for about 2 1/2 minutes and then had to make a quick exit off of the trampoline and into the ladies room to air dry.

Like I said.  I'm super old.  
My baby is growing up.
And I wouldn't trade any of this for nothin'.

Happy birthday little G!

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Tina McKinnon said...

Ok, now that was funny... exactly MY reaction to trampolines!! :)

I can see why you would feel old with a 14-year-old baby... however, let me assure you... it gets worse!! Try having a 30-year-old baby on for size! AGH!! But, yeah, it's all worth it!