Friday, April 15, 2011

Silly Facebook

I'm not a real fan of Facebook.  I signed up so that I could keep track of what my kids were saying/doing.  I go weeks without even looking at it.  But now, I might be changing my mind.  I received this beautifully written message on my Facebook thingy ... not really sure how it got there ... that's how much I know about this craze.  Please read about how angelic this literary scholar thinks I am ... and know that I did not respond ... nor "poke" him. 

how are you doing ?I am Mark Payton, i came across your profile i really love what i saw in it, you seemed to me like an angel that makes the cool morning sunrise and I believe that One of the best ways to convey exactly how you feel about someone is through words,word is a powerful weapon that cuts across every good or bad mind. and am taking time to appreciate you and your picture I will like to get close to your heart and as friend first ,love to read from you quick or you can add me to your list Hope to hear from you soon. 

Do you do Facebook?  Have you experienced any crazies?  


Amy Legler said...

Yikes!!! THAT is why the only visible thing to anyone that is not a friend, is my profile picture and my name. That's it.

Kacey's View said...

bahaha! "The cool morning sunrise" This must be because of the gym. SO contagious.

Julie Mooney said...

Holy Crap! Did he not see your married status. What a weirdo! No I have not had any crazies, but an old high school crush did friend me, but I did not accept. I'm very picky.