Sunday, July 27, 2008

I ♥ Donny Osmond ... and my kids -

I've had this unrestrained crush on Donny since I was a wee one. I remember playing "Puppy Love" on one of my first 45's and the old record player in my bedroom just dreaming of one day marrying him. Well, obviously I grew up and managed to attain some much more realistic (although just as dreamy) goals. However, I never tire of listening to Donny's songs.

Last night, this song was performed on TV (the BYU channel of course). Donny spoke of his son who was on his mission and was having a bit of a hard time and just needed to know that his Dad was there in case he needed him. This song speaks volumes to me. I can't believe that our missionary only has one more month to go, and I hope he knows that we have been with him every step of the way. I have learned that the trials our children face, are the hardest things a parent will ever endure. I have spent countless hours wanting to fix things for them, only to be left with the sure knowledge that I can't. All of the struggles that I ever faced as an adolescent would never compare to those as a parent hurting for a child. I suppose that everyone comes to this realization, but not until the season transpires.

I love my kids more than I could ever translate on paper and sometimes songs just say it best.


Tina said...

Muy excellente!!!! That song is perfect! AND... he's still gorgeous!!! Thanks for posting that... oh, and by the way.... Mint Dairy Queen treat... oh baby! really good!!! Especially after having no desserts for a month!!! Glad there's still about 2/3 of it left!

Malissa said...

That is really a sweet post!!

I'm not certain what a 45 is, but I have heard of record players!! *wink* Gotta love Donny!!

Chris Shill said...

great song! me too counting the days, won't belong..

Nancy said...

....Yes, a parent can really relate to that song. Lovely and thanks for posting it!

Brandi said...

lovely post! also.....I LOVE the new look to your blog,

Mrs. Bennett said...

Love your new blog style.