Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am a hiker. I hike. I've never hiked before the age of 42, but tomorrow will be my third hike within a two month time period. Therefore, I now reserve the right to be called a hiker.

Over Spring Break, my boys really wanted to hike Camelback Mountain. Being the energetic and oh-so-willing mother that I am (and a person who despises much research), I told them to get a couple of water bottles and hop in the car. Off we were, on a road trip to Scottsdale. I've heard of Camelback Mountain and I've grown up driving past it. It really does look like a camel and how hard could it be to climb a hump or two?

So we drove, we parked and we began the ascent. Jake, Garrison and their little friend Cody had no problem at all. They ran uphill checking out the view and then they ran back downhill to check on their poor ole' hiker mom.

An hour and a half later ... we were half way! That's right, I made it to what is known as the saddle and it was there that I decided that less was more. I was extremely proud of myself for making it that far. Apparently the second half of the journey is much more steep. At some points, the only way up is to clutch a guard rail. Maybe someday.

On the way down, my legs trembled more than on the way up. BUT I never fell down. Which is more than I could say for this unlucky fellow. How embarrassing to have to be helped down a mountain by cute firemen (I know this from experience as it happened to me as a youth on a ski slope). Ugh. But not this time! This time I stood upright the whole half of the way and I think my boys were proud of me.

I was certainly proud of them.

This is one of the views as we climbed. The Phoenician is one of the nicer resorts in Scottsdale and it stares boldly at all of the hikers as they wear their sweaty t-shirts. On this day, I called it the big and spacious building. I think now that I'm a hiker, I should stay here after one of my hikes and get my feet rubbed.

I hike!


Chris Shill said...

Good for you, I'm very impressed.. The only hiking i do is onto my treadmill for 40 min and off..But the best thing that you were doing was being with your boys and having fun, can't take those times back!!! what great fun!!!

Tina said...
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Tina said...

You go girl! How fun! I would have had a hard time getting out of the car!
And... as I remember the ski-slope incident... it was the "BUNNY" hill you fell down and bungled your knee up on... Oh, those were the days, eh?!! Your picture taking abilities are awesome... boy, isn't the sky beautiful! Keep up the good work.

Becky said...

Yeah hiker! I am not a hiker,although I have pretended for many years that I like to hike and that I am one. Maybe when I'm 42.