Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grandma Freda and The Diamondbacks!

As mother-in-laws go, I'm lucky enough to have two. One lives across the street and one lives in Arkansas. Grandma Freda is Gary's mom who lives in Arkansas, but this month she's here with us! Everybody loves Grandma Freda because ... she's a hoot! Before she came to stay with us, she hiked the Grand Canyon! When she gets back home, she's going to the Kentucky Derby! Last time she was here, she went on a cruise. She knows how to have fun and we love it when she visits.

AND Grandma Freda LOVES The Diamondbacks.

Here are my peeps at Friday's game. D-backs vs. Rockies. (Shannon, for your information, this is baseball!) And yes, I allow children to play with bats.

There are few things cuter than Eric Byrnes and we were sitting right behind him. I DARE you to hit a fly ball to him!

Friday night is fireworks night at Chase Field ... boom baby BOOM!

And just because it had to be a perfect night all around, we all got FREE t-shirts! Gary was taking the picture, because that's what my man does. I love this country!

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Malissa said...

lol, you're a hoot too!! Looks like lots of fun...she sounds like a very fun grandma!!