Monday, February 4, 2008

The next best thing is some basketball!

So what do you do when football is over? I go to a Sun's game! Gary and I got some sweet tickets (row 10) for a sweet deal (free) and we had a sweet time. Of course they won, which was also ... sweet!

Here's the best part. When the Suns make 99 points, you can take your ticket stub to Jack In The Box to get 2 free tacos! We surpassed 99 points. Two tickets = 4 free tacos! Well I came up with this genius idea. Why stop at 4 free tacos? Why not go for more? The building must be full of unwanted ticket stubs right? I have a family to feed! I was on a mission.

After the game was over, I began scanning the floor for abandoned tickets. I saw one and leaped over a row of chairs to get to it, sacrificing the first three layers of skin on my shin, but I got it. Woo hoo ... 6 free tacos! I wasn't above looking desperate and I'm pretty sure that I pulled that one off. As we began making our way out of the building, I had my right hand on the stair rail and my eyes were fixed and searching the floor for golden tickets. It became apparent to me that I just needed to go home right about the time that my right hand ended up under the butt of a man sitting on said stair rail. Oh dang.

On our way out the door, we were all handed coupons for free McDonald's french fries. So here's the way I see it. Row 10 Sun's Tickets, 6 free tacos and 2 free fries. I just got paid to watch a professional sport! Second job? Maybe.


Lindsee said...

Remember me? I am Tyler's wife...anyway...I love your blog! You are so funny! And I laughed hard at your unfortunate run-in with that man's butt...too bad!

Chris Shill said...

Gotta love those Tacos... you guys have allot of fun.. and i also understand about feeding the family.. wait till they get married and add.. more the merrier!!! always always have to extra on hand.. wouldn't have it any other way though..

Becky said...

Karen you absolutey are my entertainment of everyday....crack me up! Why would I need to get a blog when I have yours to entertain! By the way any time you feel like coming to freeze your butt off in Flagstaff your welcome to come stay!

Mrs. Bennett said...

After Jazz games - we get Big Macs. So there.