Monday, December 31, 2007


Husband goes motorcycle riding on New Year's Eve and breaks his wrist/possibly a couple of fingers at approximately 2:00 p.m.

Wife won't let him go to the hospital until midnight since said deductible will start all over on 01/01/2008.

Bad wife?

You might be wondering how I know it's broke. Trust me ... it's broke.


AmyK said...

hahahaha that sounds like something I would do .... give him some strong drugs and he'll be fine .. tell him to suck it up and quit being such a wussy :)

Tina McKinnon said...

Don't understand????? Seems like going while deductible has been met would be better....???? This is too deep philosophically speaking.... Hope husband isn't hurting too much.... Happy New Year??

Karen said...

No, we did not meet any deductible in 2007. So if we would have gone in on the 31st, it would have all just been wasted on 2007. We're starting off the new year with a bang!

He's hurting, but he's tough. He doesn't want to go in until morning now, so hopefully it won't have begun a warped healing process by then.

Stay tuned.