Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still Sneaking

So this is my very first post and I'm afraid of how I will feel when I am ready to put this out to be read. I am sure that most of my writing is going to be about my children, since that's what I'm about. As I began setting up this page, I was feeling all full of knowledge as my years of experience and age were very present in my mind. I felt like I was at a place in my life where I had learned so much about how to be a good "grown up". In the middle of creating this site, I got a phonecall from my third child, Keaton - almost 16 years old, asking me to take him and his friends to Burger King. This is the first time he'd asked and I know that they go often with other mothers. School is out in one week, so I thought this was my turn to repay the other mothers and give my turn at supplying a fun lunch. Little did I know that this was completely against the rules (ok I kind of knew, but the other mothers had been doing it and had no problems). So off I went. Long story short, I snuck the boys off campus, a scary woman Shop teacher saw us, and now the boys will be serving one day of suspension. So here's the question of the day ... do we ever REALLY grow up?


melmck said...

I'm so happy you are a blogger now! i never knew you liked to write but this will be the perfect place for that. i'm so excited to read your intelligent entrys. that story about keaton made me laugh hard. i think that since you are in any way related to robby or your father, you will never grow up. i doubt any of us really do. but i do know the mckinnon's probably won't. i still love you, though!

Anonymous said...

NO! Of course we never really grow up! (I hope, at least!) And sneaking? Remember our TP'ing days at the Richard's? Oh! Life is Good!!!! Love your Blog! This is definitely where you belong! Have fun and maybe I'll give it a try one of these first days!
Love you tons!

famous person said...

i think that you should write about your amizingly smart and athletic son jake shaker. doesnt he get to go to california because hes in the top 2% of the smartest kids in pop warner. man i wish i was him. i here hew can fly airplanes to. he is also building and paying for model airplanes all by himself MAN hes skilled.

Anonymous said...

You are simply amazing and I'm excited you're doing this. Now that all the grannies are gone we all seem to lose touch. I know my mother (Carol Jean) would desperately love us all to be as close as we once were so maybe this is a step in the right direction? Who knows ... all I know is being WAY over here in Houston ... I'm feel completely out of it. But not enough to move back HA! Still miss the days when you would babysit Ashlee (who is starting high school in August by the way) and we'd hang out and chat!