Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The first time I can remember listening to Barry Manilow was back in 1975 on my little white transistor radio with silver knobs and an extra long antenna. Although my name wasn't "Mandy" ... I just knew that "He Wrote The Songs" for me personally! No matter what point I was in my life, this man could reach deep down into my chest and completely touch my heart. I have often wanted to see the "Copacabana" and truly longed for a "Weekend in New England". When other kids were screaming to AC/DC, I made sure the windows in my car were rolled up tight so that I could blast my casette as he sang through my dashboard the words "This One's For You". Yep, he had it bad for me too. "Even Now" I wonder "Could It Be Magic" as I begin packing for my trip to Las Vegas. That's right, this fanilow has waited long enough! Thursday evening, Gary and I fly to Vegas to see Barry perform at the Hilton! So when I think "I Can't Smile Without You", I just pinch myself and sing "It's a Miracle ... a true blue spectacle!" I'll be back on Saturday evening to check all of your fabulous comments, but until then ... Barry, "It Looks Like We Made It!"


melmck said...

hooray for your trip! hope it's a good one.

Michelle said...

You are hilarious. Until now, I've never known anyone who loves Barry like me. I had a poster of him in my room in college. I listened to his tape so much that it warped. I'm so jealous!!! I hope he sings "Doctor my woman. . ." and "All the Time - all the wasted time." Sigh. I wish I could be there, but have so much fun!!