Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Night Live 11.27.2011

To Elder Shaker -

P.S.  I met Nie Nie this weekend.  She was lovely.


wesley's mom (sue) said...

I'm still here! You guys are awesome. Keaton is lucky to be so loved. How could he possibly consider moving away from such a devoted mother and sister?

Sonja said...

Last night we found out that your family will be hosting my son Bryce during his trip to the US in January. I Googled your name Karen, and found this blog. I am delighted that you are friendly, humerous and loving. Bryce is my only child and even though he will turn 17 just before he meets you, I was concerned that the family he was partnered with wouldn't appreciate him. I am very much more at ease now. Bryce has been in contact with Jake already via Facebook and I am sure that you and I will exchange emails soon.

Bryce's relieved Mum, Sonja

Diane said...

Ok guys, I routinely check your blog and have not forsaken you. I just didn't have alot of time for comments the last couple of times. Don't forget about blog stalkers!

I vote for Keaton to stay here. Not a fan of sending kids to BYU, BYU Idaho, BYU Hawaii, or BYU anything. Doesn't make sense eh...since I went to BYU and married and BYU football player. But guess what? My 4 brothers went to BYU married Utah girls...and guess where they live? Yep. Utah. I'm a bit bitter about that. Now I have little ASU Sun Devil fans as grandkids. Kinda like it.

Sonja, I can verify that your son is going to have a blast here staying at the Shaker Shack. My hubby went to Perth Australia on his church mission and will be around to harrass Bryce on the occasion. I served a mission in New Zealand, so I'll be tagging along too!!