Monday, August 15, 2011

Life as Matthew

A few weeks ago, we got to go see Matthew and his band play at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix.  It's always fun to watch him perform, but this was a superb venue with magnificent seating around the stage.  Loved it!

Last week, Matty began an additional adventure.  He and his buddies decided to paint their tummies and go to a Diamondbacks game with the goal of being seen on the Jumbo Tron.  Aim high my boy!  They were playing the Dodgers that evening, so it was decided that the painted tummies would spell #Beat LA.  If you know Twitter, you know that the # sign is known as a hashtag!  This would prove to be genius! 

They bought their tickets, made their way into the stadium and sat in place (fully clothed) until the perfect time was decided upon for the big reveal.  It was then, that they took off their shirts, began chanting for our home team ... and the crowd went wild.  They were on the Jumbo Tron, they were on TV, and they would become personal friends with Baxter the mascot as well as the fans. 

The next day, they were found on Twitter (the gang is now known as #human hashtag), and given some seats by the dugout to "perform" again.  Since then, they've made several other appearances and they're livin' the dream.  Mark Grace has been enjoying playing tic-tac-toe on the hashtag tummy.  Jake & Garrison were recruited for the last game as they spelled #Go Dbacks ... and they will all be taping seven promos for a large network (known as FOX Sports) tomorrow afternoon.

Only in Matthew's world do these things actually happen.

Dream big, people!  Dream big!

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Diane said...

who knew your half-naked son and friends would make you famous!