Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Kacey found these amazing photos of me recently.  I can't stop laughing ... hard.  I keep bringing them closer to the trash can, but I just have to document my foolish past first.  One line keeps coming to mind ... "What was I thinking?"  Seriously! 

I actually had a friend come over and take these pictures for someone!
I totally thought they'd be the perfect birthday present!

Let's analyze them, shall we?

First of all, I LOVE the dirty, generic Keds.  Of course you would wear those shoes with that sultry look!  And I love that that's no shadow in back of my head ... that's just my hair.  My elbow resting on my knee and chin like I'm so bored with the whole paparazzi scene.  And that shimmering lip gloss ... at least 3 applications for sure!  It's definitely one of my best looks of the 80's.

Change your clothes and let's hang up a dark colored quilt for the new look!  
Now what you want to do is wear all white with a dash of acid wash to show off your sexy silhouette that is just glaring into the camera.  Again, nothing screams "I'M INTO YOU" like that irritated look.  Please notice the popped up collar and earrings to match the whole ensemble ... and I felt so good about the crowd stopping shoes that they just had to stay on ... with the socks!  
I'm pretty sure I'm channeling Rob Lowe in St. Elmo's Fire.

Wait.  I'm just going to gaze naturally to my left, and you just take the shot!  Pure genius!  Can you believe how I made it look like I was just sitting in front of a white wall in my living room?  I especially love how my right knee was apparently stuck in that upright position all day long.  So hot!

The funniest part to me is that this was long before the digital age.  Oh ya.  I actually took a whole roll of these babies down to the corner drug store and paid to have them developed ... and I picked them up ... in person!  Imagine the laughter in the dark room as these images came to life!  And then let's just take a moment to imagine the horror as these were received as a gift.  What was I thinking???  OMG!

It's days like these that you just hope your kids have more sense than you.  
And then I find a stack of these developed from Kacey's glory days. 

Sweet white sheet in the background ...
pouty lip smothered in some sweet lookin' gloss.
Gaze naturally to your right.
You make me proud girl ... and I'm sure I do the same.

  Please tell me you're all laughing with me!


Melissa said...

That made my morning!

Mary Ellen said...

Karen.....I can scarcely make it through my day without checking your blog. Love it when I find a posting. You are the BEST. Love You, ME

Amy Legler said...

Oh yes - we are certainly laughing :)

wesley's mom (sue) said...

I have so many things to say I hardly know where to start. You were so sultry, and shiny, and the shoes.....

Kacey's View said...

hahahaha There are some things I get from you (such as my clumsiness) I would not like to claim. But my modeling skills?? Pshhh. Owned.

melmck said...

wow. those are intense. i have to say the keds are my favorite part.

ps. kacey looks like joely. did everyone already know that?

Tina McKinnon said...

I'm not so sure there was all that much laughter as these were developed... ya gotta remember that THEY were stuck in the 80's as well... probably didn't know any better and did think you were hot!! I mean, I certainly do!! :)
By the way... you didn't mention WHO these were for....

Becky said...

That dark room made doubles of those pictures of the hot mamma!

Julie Mooney said...

Oh have really humbled yourself to post these beauties. That, or else you seriously are desperate to blog something. So who were these photos for? Did you ever hear what the reaction was? Just so you know I loved and admired every bit of you big sister. Back then and now. Still copying you.