Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally ... a thrilling new post!

It was pointed out to me recently that I haven't posted since Winter came ... and before that it was Fall. I've been slipping for sure! Then today, Keaton emailed me and asked me what my blog address was so that he could keep up on what the family was doing. Well son, the family got Winter! I'm so ashamed!

My mind has been consumed with technological diagrams and formulas ... it ain't pretty! Last year I decided to bite the bullet and start acting like we own a real company. This decision brought on the world of Quickbooks ... a world that is so foreign to my simplistic world that the two worlds nearly collided with catastrophic results. At the same time, my "real" job commenced with an entirely new system at work. A system that required even more training and brain sculpting. At the end of the day, my brain has been tired yet pleased. I'm learning new things and I think this makes my brain happy.

The hardest part should be over now, and I'm geared up for more blogging. I think this year might be bigger on words than pictures. Sometimes I don't write, because I fail to have a corresponding photo for the post. I think I might be over that thought process and I'm just going to start tossing words out to the keyboard. We'll see what happens when I throw such caution to the wind!

I'm a wild & crazy gal for sure!


Diane said...

Go for it...I'm ready!

Lindsee said...

Hey, if you ever need help with Quickbooks let me know! I would be happy to help with anything. I am a bookkeeper you know ;)

Kacey's View said...

wait.... you forgot to post a picture?