Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm a Skyper ~

So I just downloaded my free Skype. I'm a Skyper. I would like to Skype, but I don't know any other Skypers. Do you Skype? Download your free Skype, and let's start a Skyping club.

P.S. I have no idea how to Skype.


'Garrett's mom' said...

Hey you should Skype on the Oprah show! She pulls people from all over the world onto her show through Skype! haha

Cyn said...

And I have no idea what Skype even is! Oh, I'm so old and out of it! :)

sue said...

I used to skype, I thought it was pretty handy... until my dad started skypeing (spelling?!) he has been giving me a skype at random times throughout the day to say important things like "hey, I was just wondering what you were thinking we should do for dinner?" or "just checking to see if this thing is working, I can't get anyone else to answer" No kidding?

I'm afraid to ignore his beeps, what if he can tell I'm sitting here cringing when the little "you've got a call" box pops up? If my mom finds out about skype, I may have to go underground.

Mrs. Bennett said...

What in the world is skyping. Is it like a webcam?

Brandi said...

YIPEE!! we love skypin! what is your skype address? wanna have a skype date? i would love for you to meet my family, take a tour of my house and to see your fam, 'specially Kacey!

email me at
if you wanna set something up!