Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hot pursuit on the Sabbath -

Today was the "day of rest". Ha! I was sooooo tired. During the last hour of church, I was seriously nodding off ... and not just because we were talking about how to store a year's supply of water.

So I came home and had a lovely grilled cheese sandwich prepared by my lovely daughter. I cleaned the kitchen up, started the dishwasher, began a load of wash because I have mountains of dirty laundry that didn't get done yesterday ... and I floated down the hall to my comfy bed for a nice little nap.

I was fast asleep, when a convoy of children (video camera in hand) made their way into my area of slumber as they screamed ugly names and violent threats to one another. So glad we have that on film!

Long story short, teasing turned into fighting and Garrison took the wheels right out of his Heely's, packed his bag, hopped on his bike and ran away ... again.

This is where the remaining fruit of my loins decided that they hadn't been very supportive of their little red-headed brother and redemption had to be made (even though Kacey, Matt & myself were all asleep during the onset of this tumultuous Sabbath experience). Kacey hopped in her car, Matt hopped in his, Keaton and Jake got on their bikes and high-tech Verizon telecommunications aided in their sibling hunt.

Meanwhile, I was still in my bed, still trying to wake up and definitely still wondering what the heck just happened and where I had failed. For any of you who witnessed the trail of Shaker's running amok on wheels throughout the hood ... now you know. Mission was accomplished ... little red was apprehended.

Currently, I am listening to two dogs howling (at the prompting of my oldest son), a rooster crowing (because that's what he does all day and all night long), Jake performing some kind of Gwen Stefani "Sweet Escape" version of the 'WEEOOOOOH WEEOOOOOOH" part only (over and over again because it prompts more howling from the dogs) ... and Garrison has locked himself in the shed in the back yard. Throughout all of this, a request for dinner has been mentioned 13 times.

I think Garrison has the right idea. I'll either be joining him shortly in the shed, or running away myself.

Aaahhhh, the day of rest.


Tina said...

hahaha! Oh, the joys of motherhood.... no rest for the already weary...

JECKBECK (Jason) said...

Tell Garrison that he can always run away to our house. After all, I have his back! (that and you will know right where to find him.)

p.s. The rooster is not so fortunate, he can stay and keep y'all company.

Mrs. Bennett said...

I used to run away - and hide behind a chair. Such a clever girl. I'm so glad Jasper hasn't tried running away yet.

Becky said...

Sounds about right...we had fights and more fights, and then some more fights. enough already!

Brandi said...

great story! thanks for sharing :)