Monday, March 2, 2009

Bachelor GARBAGE!

What the heck just happened?????? Clearly I was WAY too involved with this whole stupid Bachelor event ... because I am SO WORKED UP right now! I have many things to say.

1. First of all, Jason dramatic whiny face, you chose the right girl the first time, and I wish that plexiglass would have shattered as you were flailing yourself over it in tears.

2. Second of all, how dare you quit when life got back to NORMAL and not fight for Melissa.

3. Third of all, stop pretending to be the nice guy. "Everything I ever said was real." How many "reals" can you possibly profess to have before they actually scream very unreal.

4. Finally, I think you're gay. It makes perfect sense now.


Cyn said...

Can't wait for tomorrow nights show! :P I'm actually waiting to watch him on late night tonight. DRAMA!!!!

Mrs. Bennett said...

I know, what a whiny LOSER! I was so glad melissa called him out on being such a jerk. He can sure talk a lot and say absolutely NOTHING! He's a freak.

'Garrett's mom' said...

Haha I was curious what your reaction was going to be :)

kRiStYw said...

I am starting to think I am the only one ok with him doing this. I have been Molly's #1 fan since day one. I am so glad he dumped Melissa and asked Molly to take him back. I really like them together. Sorry...;)