Friday, August 15, 2008

Kacey's View

Have I mentioned how proud I am of this little girl ?

Well, here I go again! Little miss Kacey has looooved (that's four o's) taking pictures since she exited my womb. She has had the perfect job for her at
and has been assisting in wedding photography for the past year. She has also been saving up her money to get her first muy bueno camera. Well, the time finally arrived and her bank account was emptied. She made the big purchase last week and the day after the purchase ... she had her first real photo shoot. Check out her new blog at

Atta girl!


Becky said...

Yeah for Kacey! She's really cute.

Shauna said...

I am here with Elder Shaker. Just fed him and he behaved well.
Dont worry about the approaching storm. He will be safe and sound.

twin2trip said...

Hooray for Kasey!! Kasey is one great girl. My girls love her in primary. I'm excited you have a blog because you do have that entertainment factor and I love to read your words. Ok so don't tell anyone I'm making this comment during church. The boys are home sleeping and the girls with Kasey so it is finally quiet. Wow and 10 more days until the elder arrives.

Chris Shill said...

What a awesome talent to have! just think of all the neat pictures you can have now and frame, Willie got Camie a real nice Camera also and she does real well, this is good for pictures of grandkids for us! I can not believe your missionary will be home in ten days! can you say jealous!!!!!!!!!! keep me posted